The Lake House…

This is the film where Keanu and Sandra have a love affair, but each of
them is located in different times spaced two years apart. As a simply
romance movie is works on a few minor levels. However this movie deals
with the time phenomenon and this irks me because if you mess around
with time there are consequences and The Lake House fails to address
many of them. The want to eat their cake and have it to, with talking
about how it was made or what they will do after it is gone.

are my problems with the film. They are space two years apart. During
that two years Keanu makes three attempts to located and see Sandra.
Yet in each encounter Sandra has no recollection of who he is or that
she even meet him. So ok, the first encounter is fleeting so that is
understandable as to why she would forget him. But the second encounter
is lengthier, they kiss and her life takes a drastic turn afterwards.
So now, you would think in a pivotal moment like that she might
remember what could be considered the cause of said drastic turn in her
life. Unfortunately that does not happen because in the third moment
she has no clue, what so ever as to whom Keanu is.

Ok, maybe she
is just retarded, so I’ll give her the benefit of doubt in this
situation. In that third meeting situation, Keanu, in an attempt to see
Sandra, receives the grey hound treatment and gets run over by a bus
right in front of her. She, being a doctor, rushes to his aid and
attempts to save his life. She fails, like Isiah Thomas CBA fail.
Distraught she goes back to the Lake House, opens the mailbox and this
starts the chain of temporal events, which is this movie. You with me?
Probably not, this movie so does not warrant this many words. Anyway…So
at the end of the movie, Sandra changes events in the past and tells
Keanu not to step out into the street, he doesn’t, he lives, and in
time they make out on the mailbox. All live happily ever after? Not me,
since that is the pivotal moment, which causes the whole chain of
events to happen, then by stopping it from happening you stop all the
events afterwards from happening. So in short the movie should never
have happened. Now it could be argued that someone was destined to die
that day, and since Keanu didn’t some other poor Joe did. And that
could be a patchwork answer for my unnecessarily annoying gripe, except
nothing is ever mention in the film.

I’m going to stop for
now, but there are at least three more examples that I can think of,
each of them receiving the same level of non-explanation as the above.
So what I have learned? Well I’ve learned that I should probably stay
away from romance movies that deal with temporal issues. Sadly nothing


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