The Prestige…

This magician movie kicked ass. All of the magic performed (with the
exception of the last trick, but hey this is a movie, we have to give
them one) was real, tricks that you could actually see in real life,
something that can not be said about a certain other magician movie.
They even tell you how the tricks were done which is a very nice treat.
Although I did find it a bit of a let down when they reveal how Bale
performs his version of the Transported Man. But then again, sometimes
we often overlook the simplest explanation. The disjointed story
telling made it somewhat confusing at times, but I dug that about the
film, it was like this was Nolan’s own magic trick, with his own
Pledge, Turn, and Prestige. The twist at the end, while interesting,
was easy to guess as the movie started to wind down, but regardless
Nolan hits the mark and pulls off a rousing applause.


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