It is billed as a fairy tale for adults. I don’t know what is really adult about it though (well besides from the two love scenes, but they were more pg-13ish anyway). Yes it’s more complicated and sophisticated then your normal run of the mill fairy tale. But the story is still at a level that most children would be able to understand. Harry Potter probably has more complicated and nuanced plot lines than Stardust.

With all that said I still like it very much. A very quick read thanks to its svelte 250 page length and large letter print, it is the perfect book for a trip or weekend. My only real complaints are that it starts off slow and ends rather weakly. The first 50 pages were somewhat of a hardship to get through, but once I did I was at page 225 before I knew it. And then with everything rolling all the plot lines resolve themselves relatively quickly and conveniently. Our main heroes are able to avoid any more confrontation for the latter third of the book.

So…quick read, enjoyable read, wish it was a better read, looking forward to the movie very much.


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