4 Weeks In…

So 4 tv weeks are in the books, with a 5th about to drop. I started the season watching a record number of new shows. Where am I now?

Tell Me You Love Me, this is the newest show on HBO, known for its explicit sex scenes. Unfortunately the show has nothing else beyond that. And it’s at that point when you realize that you can see harder stuff from other places.

Chuck, so this show has grown on me each week. And I don’t know why, or maybe it’s just Yvonne Strahovski. This might be my new guilty pleasure, replacing Las Vegas.

Journeyman, I haven’t even watched this yet, I just have the episodes saved up on my dvr. I was just going to delete them all, but I watched about 10 minutes from last night and was intrigued. I’ll get to it at some point.

Reaper, so the pilot was great. And the rest has been exactly the same. This show better evolve or it might just evolve off my dvr.

Private Practice, turd a roo. I knew it going in, but thought I’d still give it a shot for completeness sake. Yep it’s a turd. Hopefully Kate Walsh is cashing those checks quickly.

Pushing Daisies, so this one is weird. Not what was I expecting. Very quirky. First 3 episodes have been funnyish and I’m coming back for more. But is that because of the show or Anna Friel?

Life, this is my word of mouth show. For the show synopsis it sounded interesting as a concept but silly as a show. Well I was wrong, but I say that cautiously. Yes the first 4 episodes have been good, but I still fear that it will wear thin if the overarching story line is dragged out.

Bionic Woman, this is the biggest disappointment of the year. Battlestar Galactica is soooo good, how could this be so boring. I am just watching week to week hoping that it gets better, but it never does. And the bionic woman herself could be better looking.

Dirty Sexy Money, this is my favorite new show and my second favorite show on tv at the moment. Completely surprise by this one, just pure fun

Kville, this revolutionary cop show was the same shit, just with an Anthony Anderson bow on top. This never graced my dvr and after 2 episodes my eyes.

Returning Veterans:
Dexter, great, just great.

Heroes, this is a mystery. So far it’s been slow to build. There are too many characters with too many stories, only a few of them interesting. I wish they would cut the number of characters featured in each episode, so that the ones that are shown can have more screen time. And the Mexican wonder twins, no mas.

House, last season was a complete waste of time. This season they got back to basics and it’s my favorite show on tv. Brilliant!

Grey’s Anatomy, last season was horrible, this season is only slightly better. This show is on life support but I fear it might have signed a DNR.

Las Vegas, James Caan out, Tom Selleck in, same shit different person. This show is like a guilty pleasure for me, but now I’m just feeling guilty about it. I may leave this show in Vegas and forget about it.

24, does not return until January

Lost, does not return until January

Battlestar Galactica, does not return until 2008. Will it still be the best show on tv?

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