8 weeks in…

So 8 tv weeks are in the books, with a 9th about to drop. I started the season watching a record number of new shows. Where am I now?

Tell Me You Love Me, stopped watching.

Chuck, one of my favorite shows on tv now. And yes Yvonne Strahovski has a lot to do with that.

Journeyman, Still haven’t seen, but still saved on my dvr.

Reaper, stopped watching.

Private Practice, stopped watching.

Pushing Daisies, I’m hanging in there, but not a whole lot is keeping me hooked.

Life, the individual episode plots are still good. But it’s beginning to wear on me. How long will I be able to maintain.

Bionic Woman, I question whether to watch each episode every week…

Dirty Sexy Money, this is the show I look forward to every week.

Kville, stopped watching.

Returning Veterans:
Dexter, great, just great.

Heroes, horrible season, but I’m still watching. Volume 3 must be better or this show will be lost to me.

House, started off great, now I am just plain tired of the intern angle. I so know that they are just going
to fire everyone and have the old crew get back together, but then what was the past 9 episodes for?

Grey’s Anatomy, last couple of weeks have been great.

Las Vegas, I really don’t know why I watch this show.

24, who knows when this will return

Lost, who knows when this will return

Battlestar Galactica, does not return until 2008. Will it still be the best show on tv?

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