Assassin’s Creed…

So I just beat the game, literally 5 minutes ago…and…What a crock of fucking shit! I don’t even know how many hours I put in to that game, but talk about a fucking rip off. Ass. Creed is the ultimate summer blockbuster special effects bonanza; all glitz and glamor with no substance. Graphics are amazing. Free running is pretty bad ass. The rest of the fucking game is “been there, done that” material, shit we have seen a million times in other places.

But the absolute worst part about the game is the ending. Or rather lack there of. You get no answers; everything is to be told in the sequel, something I’m sure as shit won’t be buying. Fuck you Ubisoft!

Go to a store that has a demo of it so that you can see the graphics and experience the free running. Then go to wikipedia and read the story outline and save yourself 10 hrs. That’s my plan for the sequel.

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