Lost Odyssey: Disk 1 Complete…

I’m in it for the story. The gameplay is very bland. From what I read the battle system will get better by the 4th disk. But for the moment it feels like something from the 80s.

Other things that bother me:
Lack of save points / the inability to save wherever you want. I don’t know what is it about Japanese games but they seem to love sparse save points. This is annoying especially when you need to leave and are stuck in a cave or an endless string of dialog. Why oh why won’t they adapt to the new millennium and add the ability to save wherever you want? Mass Effect did that, and it was soooo much better for it.

Loading Screens, there is too much loading going on. Of the 13 hrs I’ve invested probably 1.5 hrs of that is just looking at loading screens. I don’t know what is up with that, I’ve played other games that were just as big that didn’t have as many.

The story, while very intriguing is so fucking depressing. I feel like I should play this thing on a rooftop while downing a bottle of jack. It’s the Piano of JRPGs, if your depressed going in this could very well make you suicidal. Hopefully it will become more uplifting/positive later…

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