Roku’s Netflix Player Day 0…

Netflix finally released their set top box. With it you’ll be able view any of their watch instantly titles on your tv. You can see a more in-depth review at gizmodo. 100 bucks, I couldn’t resist myself, so I went ahead and ordered one. I'm assuming it will be here next week.

My rational:
It’s only 100 bucks.
It’s cool as hell.
The device is theoretically capable of HD and 5.1 audio, so no need to wait for a new device.
Any way to speed up Netflix is fine with me.

My concerns:
It’s only streaming, no hard drive.
Well streaming only certainly cuts the hardware costs…and probably the legal costs since nothing will actually reside on the device. But I would have really like a hard drive based one…start the download at work, ready when I get home in great quality. Oh well.
Why it can theoretically support HD, will it ever?
Netflix would have to be retarded to not have HD in the pipeline. Why give it an hdmi port if not?
The watch instantly catalog is lacking.
Hopefully Netflix will step it up and drastically expand it. I’m sure the movie companies will have to be taken kicking and screaming.

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