Roku’s Netflix Player Day 1…

Its here, setup, and running. It was up and running in literally 5 minutes. The longest part was fishing the power cable to the device. Once powered on everything was a breeze.

The player will choose the streaming quality based on the connection speed that it detects. So with my five mbit connection I was expecting 100% quality 100% of the time with my entire normal bandwidth load. However that took a little bit of work. Initially I set it up to use my wireless connection (802.11g), and while it worked, I found getting a four star quality connection to be extremely difficult. Even with my connection completely quiet I would still bounce between two stars to four stars, with two and three being the quality setting the majority of the time. So I switch it to Ethernet and things started to work much much better.

So how’s the quality? At 100% it looks exactly like standard definition signal on a high definition TV, which isn’t dvd quality (well maybe on a shitty dvd player with a dvd with an absolute crap transfer). But that is what I was expecting. It’s completely watchable, and considering that most of the Watch Instantly titles are either tv shows or older movies I don’t see any problems. At the lower streams was very reminiscent of a high quality you tube video being shown at full screen.


Going forward I definitely want to see HD Streams with many more titles available, specifically newer releases. And I want all that sooner rather than later.

More photos can be found here.

Day 1 Review Score: *** (Completely worth 100 bucks).

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