I love the Olympics…

I hope you all saw the Men’s 4X100M Freestyle Relay. It was the most exciting moment of the games so far. It had everything needed for great drama.

Bad Guys: The French, so arrogant that they proclaimed victory before the match.
Underdog: United States, I love an underdog story, and when it’s your home country it’s even better. To be fair it’s not like the US was that big of an underdog, but the announcers beforehand made it seem like they were swimming for silver.
An exciting start: Phelps grabbed the early lead and planted the seed that an upset might be possible
Dramatic twist: The US lost the lead by the time the anchors jumped into the pool
Incredible finish: Come from behind finish. Lezak chased down the Frenchmen and touched the wall before them by .1 seconds.

The entire time I was on the edge of my seat, heart rate going at a mile a minute. God I love the Olympics. The fact that is was live, made it 100% better.

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