2008 TV Radar Recap…

So every year I take a look at the upcoming fall tv season. List all the new and returning shows that I am interested in. Now we see how well everything turned out.

Pushing Daisies: Never watched it this season. And now it’s canceled.

Dirty Sexy Money: I had such high hopes for this show. But it went to crap. I mean, it was already kind of crappy, but show just drove straight over the absolutely crazy line. It deserved to get canceled. Season score: *

Mid-Season Signing – Kings: Cool concept, but it got old really quickly. What is an America like country was ruled by a monarch? It’s more like…What if I remove it from my dvr schedule?

Marcus Banks WTF:
Heroes: Still sucking. I thought when Bryan Fuller came back things might change, but they didn’t change much. Toward the end of the season there were one or two nice episodes, but on the whole just a lot of crapola. Season score: *

The Bench:
Free Agent Signing – Smallville: I was sucked in last year when they introduced the “Justice League” this season for the most part continued to tease me with some superhero cameos and a drawn out Doomsday plot. It’s Superman, so it’s got built in longevity. Season score: *1/2

Fringe: It’s still on my dvr, but I watch it very sporadically. I enjoy it but I wouldn’t miss it if it went away. Season score: **

Knight Rider: I stayed with the show the entire time, but it was pretty bad. Yet despite all that I found it fun and enjoyable. It was my guilty pleasure after Dirty Sexy Money went to crap. Season Score: **

True Blood: Never watched outside of those 20 minutes, maybe some day. Please keep telling me it’s great.

30 Rock: This season has been hit or miss for me. Some of the eps were fantastic, others just so so. I usually let a bunch queue before watching them all. Not a good sign, since I usually can’t wait to watch stuff. Season Score: **

Dexter: It was like season two over again. The season was about 4-5 episodes too long. Still good, but frustrating. Season score: **1/2

Entourage: Just decent. The epitome of decent. Season score *1/2

24: This season has been just so so. Jack is still bad ass, but he’s slowing down. He constantly being berated for how he gets things done was extremely annoying. But he’s Jack and the show is still entertaining. Season score: **1/2

Saturday Night Live: The political stuff was good, and then it really started to sag. Some of the guess hosts were just horrible. Still some nice hits. Season score: **

Californication: Season two was pretty good, a little drawn out, but still the same great formula. Season score: ***

House: Still not sure where this show is going. The original doctors under House are still around, but barely featured until recently, yet their names are still on the opening sequence. Was this just a little sabbatical for them? And what of the new ones? Kutner is dead, will something similar happen to Taub and 13? Season score: ***

Life: Great season, shame that it is it’s last. Nice that they were able to wrap up all the storylines. Season score: ***

Battlestar Galactica: The final season was soooo hit or miss. The first parts were great, then they started to stretch things out. The last couple episodes leading up to the finale were just painful. The first ¾ of the finale was fantastic then the last ¼ was just underwheleming. Season score: ***

Mid-Season Signing – Better Off Ted: Fantastically funny off the wall office humor. Even thought the jokes are so crazy, I can see most of them being rooted in my actual office life. Season score: ***

Pysch: It’s still great and one of the funniest shows on TV. Season score: ***1/2

How I Met Your Mother: Fantastic. Best comedy on tv. Season score: ***1/2

Chuck: My favorite show of the year. Really hope that it comes back for another season. Season score: ****

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