DOA: Dead or Alive…


Based off of the video game series, DOA is another so so video game movie. I have played many iterations of the game, but have never payed attention to the story line, but really how complicated can it be? The movie has the DOA tournament commencing, all the fighters get to the DOA island and fighting beings. And that is about as in depth as things get. If your looking plot, just choose a different film, because your not going to find it here.

The game is about visuals, and so is the film. Sadly it’s only pg-13 but the women are hot (especially Holly Valance and Sarah Carter) and in various states of undress most of the time despite the rating. The fight choreography is serviceable, none of the fights are that memorable. You’ll definitely be remembering the women more than anything else in the film.

So retarded plot, nice visuals, subpar fighting…all that adds up to a rental viewing, a subscription based rental at best. No reason to specifically pay for this one. I should only rate this film one star, but Valance and Carter are so hot that it gets the extra star.


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