The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…

Harder, faster, and sharper than it’s Swedish counterpart. The bigger budget most definitely shows, as the film looks and sounds great. Completely brutal, this film matches the book’s tone of brutal evil. Which are the biggest differences between the American and Swedish versions. Both are pretty faithful to the book, yes some things have been changed or omitted, but none of them detract from the overall story. But Fincher’s is so in your face with the violence and torture that it hits like a cold slap in the face. Not Fincher’s greatest work, then again he sets the bar very high, but this is a very solid adaptation. Your body won’t feel the 2 hr 38ish minute running time, however you won’t exactly be thinking about it in the days following. Good (not great) popcorn fun.

***1/2 (Out of Five)

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