Moneyball is a very interesting adaptation, whose biggest accomplishment is taking baseball statistics and making them interesting to the general public. In short this is a great film that I wish went further, but regardless is still a great film.

Moneyball, or really the statistification (how’s that for a word 🙂 ) of sports was a full-out assault on sports over a decade ago. Moneyball put a mass marketed face to that revolution. Starting a statistical arms race as teams hired one stats/finance/economics major after another. This was the aspect of Moneyball that I most wanted to see; lending itself more to a documentary perhaps than fictionalized feature.

No, Moneyball focuses on Billy Beane and his struggles to find a way for his Oakland A’s to compete with the bigger market teams. This is a reference sports film with every component extremely well done. Acting, writing, etc…everything is extremely solid. Like I said earlier, this is a great film that I wish went a bit further.

***1/2 (Out of Five)

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