Shitters overflowed. Diverted to Maine to empty our bowels and refuel. No 3g in Maine so boo. Update: So we landed in Maine for like 60 - 90 minutes. They attempted to pump all the shit out of the shitter, but had trouble because it was all frozen. They were…

Kylemoore Abby

Took a day tour of the Connemara area of Ireland. Pictures of the Abby which is in it's last year of operation as a boarding schools for girls. The other picture is of the mountain views from the Abby.

My savior

They semi worked I guess. Whether it was from actually doing something or a placedo effect I do not care. One thing to note, that warning about alcohol usage after taking is serious shit. I have never been so affected by just two beers in my life. But I am…


This town is insane. After having dinner we watched a local band play their own varity of traditional Irish music. And then on the way back at least 3 fights, tons of arguments, 1 person throwing up on the side. This town is pretty cool!

Ireland fail

We attempted a day trip to skipibane, bus driver was the worst driver I have ever seen. Got a horrible case of motion sickness. The girl at the pharmacy thought I was hilarious for buying two different types of anti nausua rememdies (one drug based and one using a wirst…
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